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Our Policy regarding COVID-19
Astir Notos Hotel adapts its operation taking into consideration the new safety measures and health protocols and cooperates with a specialist doctor for immediate treatment in case of an accident.
It is planned to check in & check out intact and electronically, welcome guest in open space, the observance of the safety distances and the use of protective equipment by the employees. The origin of the staff is gradually done with normal clothes and they change within the company, and the whole staff is thermometered before the start of the shift. The hotel is powered by all means of personal protection.

The main measures are:

The check out will take place at 11 a.m. while check in is transferred at 15.00 p.m. to thoroughly clean the rooms. All keys are sterilized in a special machine with UV-lamp.

Decorative elements have been removed, room cleaning and changing of linen every 3 days are provided, calculating the next day of arrival, unless the guest wishes every 2nd day that is declared at the reception during the check-in. At each departure the room is sterilized with ozone that is environmentally friendly and the remote controls are wrapped with new film. Information leaflets are plasticized to sterilize.

All hotel clothing is washed at 60 °C and above. Unclean with clean, they stand out and are transferred to the washing machines in separate bags of a specific color.

The buffets are preserved because they are a feature of our product and are highly valued by our guests. For this purpose, security measures are introduced, which must be observed by both employees and guests.
Plexiglass is placed in front of the buffet and served by our employees. In the restaurant there is an employee who deals exclusively with the collection and disinfection of the tables and two other employees who offer you drinks and lay clean tables. Salt, pepper, sugar and beverages are offered in individual packages.
Breakfast and dinner hours are valid due to the reduction of restaurant capacity. Specifically, the guests will enter in 3 phases that will be declared in the reception during the check in.
1) 7:45-8:30 2) 8:45-9:30 3) 9 45-10:30
1) 18:30-19:15 2) 19:30-20:15 3) 20:30-21:15
In addition, disinfection of the hands is mandatory upon entry. The tables are covered with tablecloths, cutlery is on the table and with each customer change the table and chairs are disinfected. Cutlery is being replaced with increased frequency and strict hygiene and distance measures are in place by employees. Our kitchens meet HACCP specifications.

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the pool and hydro massage areas is increasing and disinfectants suitable for the current situation are used for water.
The Astir Notos Hotel is committed to the full adoption of the Greek hotel health protocols.