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Если вы еще не определились с датами путешествия и типом размещения в нашем отеле, наша поисковая система мгновенно ответит на ваши запросы по ставкам и доступности, что сэкономит вам огромное время на бронировании.
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Наш календарь тарифов и доступности позволяет быстро определять доступные даты в периоды высокой загруженности, без необходимости какого-либо поиска.
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Our Policy regarding COVID-19
Astir Notos Hotel adapts its operation taking into consideration the new safety measures and health protocols and cooperates with a specialist doctor for immediate treatment in case of an accident. In case any guest doesn’t feel good and has covid-19 symptoms our hotel has an cooperation with a medical lab and we can make a rapid test ASAP.
The cost of the test us undertaken by the guest. It is planned to check in & check out intact and electronically, welcome guest in open space, the observance of the safety distances and the use of protective equipment by the employees. The origin of the staff is gradually done with normal clothes and they change within the company, and the whole staff is thermometered before the start of the shift. The hotel is powered by all means of personal protection.

Decorative elements have been removed, room cleaning and changing of linen every 2 days are provided, calculating the next day of arrival. At each departure the room is sterilized with ozone that is environmentally friendly and the remote controls are wrapped with new film. Information leaflets are plasticized to sterilize.

The buffets are preserved because they are a feature of our product and are highly valued by our guests. For this purpose, security measures are introduced, which must be observed by both employees and guests. Salt, pepper, sugar and straws are offered in individual packages.Breakfast and dinner hours are valid due to the reduction of restaurant capacity. Specifically, the guests will enter with one-use maskes and gloves (provided by the hotel for every guest before entering the restaurant).

Breakfast 8:00 - 10:30
Dinner 18:30 – 21:00

In addition, disinfection of the hands is mandatory upon entry. All menus are in digital form on our website connected with a QR-code, which you will find all troughout the hotel. The tables are setup with a one-time soupla for each guest, cutlery and napkin is on the table in individiual one-time packages and with each customer change the table and chairs are disinfected. All our staff is either vaccinated or performing a self-test (rapid test) on weekly basis. Strict hygiene and distance measures are in place by employees. Our kitchens meet HACCP specifications.